Insect Models
Julia Stoess, designer

High tech and handicraft

My work is based on very precise studies, generally of living creatures.

A master model is generated with the assistance of SEM photos, extreme close-ups with focus stacking, MicroCT and 3D printing, and this forms the basis for the modelling and casting work that follows.

After that come the finishing touches, such as colouring, or adding hair and scales to the model.

What is important during the whole design process is the associated communication with scientists and experts in the animal species to be recreated.

By working closely with entomologists, various research establishments and the Center of Natural History in Hamburg, I ensure that my models are scientifically accurate.

The careful selection of materials (resistant to ageing and to UV) is specially orientated towards use in permanent exhibitions in museums.

My aim is to produce a result that is as identical as possible to the living creature.

The viewer should find it hard to distinguish between the model and the original, apart from the size, of course.

Inspiration and cooperation

Since a couple of years I have had the pleasure to work together with my Danish colleague Esben Horn and his team:

This cooperation brings along a lot of inspiration and new ideas for projects and in addition supports our technical and artistical development.

Meanwhile, some of our models are produced by this kind of shared labor, so that each of us contributes his/her special talents and particular technical skills .

In this way we can ensure that our customers always receive first class and lifelike models.