Insect Models
Julia Stoess, designer

Distribution and habitat

This small, elegant moth of the family Tiger Moths (Arctiinae) reaches a wingspan of 18-24 mm.The distribution of Eilema pygmaeola ranges from northwest Africa across wide parts of southern and central Europe to the Black Sea.The model shows the rare subspecies Eilema pygmaeola pygmaeola, which occurs only in sandy dune areas of the east coast of England and the Belgian, Dutch and German North Sea coast.In Germany, it occurs only on the East Frisian Islands.

Mode of life and characteristic features

Eilema pygmaeola pygmaeola is dusk-active and flies from July to August. The coastal moth lives on sand dunes, nutrient-poor grasslands and wind-protected silver grass fields.Little is known about the mode of life of this moth species.It is currently explored within the framework of a project on the East Frisian Islands in order to initiate, if necessary, protective measures for this rare subspecies.