Insect Models
Julia Stoess, designer

Incidence and habitat

This species of dragonfly can be found all over Europe and the Middle East and prefers standing bodies of water of all kinds, particularly small ponds.
The broad-bodied chaser is one of the first dragonflies to appear in new garden ponds. If there is a branch sticking out over this body of water, this will certainly become its favourite place and it will fly off from here when it goes hunting. Its flying time is from May to August.

Way of life and characteristic features

The approx. 4 cm long males look striking with their wide abdomens and yellow spots on their sides.
The light blue pruinescence is a waxy excretion that can be wiped off, rather like that on a plum.
On the other hand, the female is light brown in colour.
The broad-bodied chaser flies at its prey from below and seizes it with its legs which are spread out like a collection basket. Like most large dragonflies, it also eats is prey while still in flight.