Insect Models
Julia Stoess, designer

Distribution and habitat

Scaphinotus is a genus of ground beetles (Carabidae) specialized in hunting snails. It comprises 55 species, all of them being native to North America. Scaphinotus marginatus is 11 to 19 mm long and has been detected in the northwestern United States and western Canada.
The beetle lives in humid environments where snails occur, for instance in forests and on the banks of streams.

Lifestyle and special features

This beetle, uncapable of flight, is active at night and perfectly specialized in snail hunting. Its elongated head and hook-shaped mouthparts allow the beetle to penetrate deep into the shell and extract thus the snail from its shell.


Nesovitrea electrina is a rather small, air-breathing land snail of the the family true glass snails (Zonitidae) and is native to North America only. The shell is about 3.5-4.2 mm wide.
The European variant is the rayed glass snail (Nesovitrea hammonis) that also belongs to the family the true glass snails (Zonitidae).